Now, for the first time ever, you can select from highlighted shows, choose the best seat of the house every time, and explore the magic of the stage!  VR Home TV uses virtual reality to transport you into live stage theaters throughout the world without you leaving the comfort of your home -- shows you want to see, when you want to see them.  Get up close and personal with characters of the most exciting plays, and musicals, comedies and dramas.  

Eliminate the hassle of rushing to theaters in traffic or the cold weather just to find out the show is sold out. Just sit back, relax, and allow yourself to experience this journey with VR Home TV.

FEEL the experience.
LIVE the experience.
WATCH the experience.

Just try it and you’ll SEE.

Financed by socially conscious independent-capital

VR Home TV was founded with the motivation to expand the at-home VR experience. This was financed by socially conscious independent-capital.  Considering the consumer's demand for convenience, ease and top quality, VR Home TV brings you fabulous entertainment at your fingertips.

As the industry’s leading virtual reality at home experience, our goal is simple. Entertain our audiences with an extraordinary content of theatrical performances from around the globe, delivered by top professionals in the industry. Whether you want to watch a ten minute short play or a longer one-act, VR Home TV delivers some of the best shows of intimate stage theater.



Our passionate community of theater professionals, producers, directors, and actors, are thrilled to use VR Home TVs cutting edge technology in their theaters to further advance their local and international exposure. 


Loved the experience.  Felt like I was on the stage!

                                                                                     Phil Butcher, Los Angeles

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