A Virtual Reality Wedding Video

A Virtual Reality Wedding Video

Weddings are commonly regarded as one of the most important days of your life, a day to be remembered forever. As a wedding is already an expensive affair, every cost adds up, forcing you to consider what is truly necessary to fit within your budget. One cost that should never be foregone is the price of a videographer.

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Have you added virtual reality to your entertainment options?

Abundant Entertainment for All

Finding interesting and new forms of entertainment can sometimes be a challenge.  There are many resources of “Things-To-Do” in the city you are in which are fun and exciting.  Many times exhibits or attractions will make their way to a city for a limited time.  Keeping a calendar of these special events is important so you don’t miss out.  However, I find that the most common and accessible forms of entertainment continue to be available regularly and have extensive offerings, so you don’t get bored. This includes going to the theater, or a concert, visiting a museum exhibit, watching a movie or reading a book.  Recently, I added the world of virtual reality to this list. What activity you choose depends on the experience you hope to have.  To that end, let’s explore the different types of entertainment that people find interesting and how they impact their audience’s experience.

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The Hollywood Fringe Awards, Where Everyone is a Star

Ever Wanted to Walk Down a Red Carpet? Now’s Your Chance

This year on Sunday, June 24th, the Hollywood Fringe Festival celebrated its artists and their efforts to self-produce their individual expressions of art through their annual awards ceremony held at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre. The ceremony is a celebration that truly embodies the spirit of the Fringe with opening performances. At the Hollywood Fringe Awards, you can feel like a star as you walk down the red carpet and prepare to celebrate the successful production and reception of all the shows that participated in the festival. At the Fringe awards, the independent artists are applauded for pursuing their dreams of performance for the sake of art rather than fame.

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