Have you added virtual reality to your entertainment options?

Abundant Entertainment for All

Finding interesting and new forms of entertainment can sometimes be a challenge.  There are many resources of “Things-To-Do” in the city you are in which are fun and exciting.  Many times exhibits or attractions will make their way to a city for a limited time.  Keeping a calendar of these special events is important so you don’t miss out.  However, I find that the most common and accessible forms of entertainment continue to be available regularly and have extensive offerings, so you don’t get bored. This includes going to the theater, or a concert, visiting a museum exhibit, watching a movie or reading a book.  Recently, I added the world of virtual reality to this list. What activity you choose depends on the experience you hope to have.  To that end, let’s explore the different types of entertainment that people find interesting and how they impact their audience’s experience.

The thrill of the Theater

The theater is a fantastic form of live entertainment in which you can experience a dramatic or musical performance, rather than watching something pre-recorded. It all begins as you are sitting in the theater as the house lights are dimmed, the stage lights are brightened, and the curtains rise to reveal the actors.  The audience stirs with anticipation of what is to come…that very moment of being transported to another time, another place, another life. Seeing the performers move across the stage in their elaborate costumes, hairstyles and wigs, and stage makeup creates a vivid experience as the action unfolds right before your eyes. The heat of the lights, varied sound effects, and oftentimes live musical accompaniments, have an all-encompassing effect on the theater-goer.  At times, actors making their entrances from the audience adds an element of surprise to those sitting in the theater. Those in attendance suddenly feel as though they are a part of the story.  Similarly, concerts, like theater performances, are enjoyed live. Hearing a singer for the first time “live” elevates the music bringing the listener to another level. Being able to feel the rhythm and beat of the music pumping against your chest, along with the thrill of seeing a choreographed performance, special effects lighting, and audio/visual cues, creates a memorable experience. At a concert, people feel compelled to dance and sing their hearts out.  They can feel the music invigorating them with energy from their heads to their toes.


The Thrill of Movies

Movies are another popular form of entertainment and can be viewed in the theater or streamed on a phone, or other handheld devices. While having mobility is great, it cannot compare to watching a movie with a surround sound system on a gigantic movie screen. When people watch movies on their phone, the action does not feel as pulsating as when they watch them on a larger than life screen. The theater’s magnitude lends the movie a more realistic feeling as the scenes loom before you as if they are unfolding directly in front of you rather than from the smaller perspective of a phone screen.


Immerse Yourself in the World of Virtual Reality

More recently, virtual reality has started to emerge as the latest form of entertainment. Virtual Reality differs from the aforementioned entertainment in that it is usually thought of as a technology, but it is this technology which opens the door to a world beyond your wildest imagination. Many of the entertainments that we engage in may be enhanced by virtual reality. Virtual Reality (VR) is a form of entertainment in which you can experience walking through a haunted house, watching a movie, playing a video game or virtually any other type of activities you enjoy, through the immersive lens of a virtual reality device. This electronic device creates a seemingly realistic environment or three-dimensional image to experience. With VR you can experience your favorite video game as if you are actually a part of it. Imagine looking through a headset that allows you to play a Batman video game as if you are physically standing in the dark depths of the bat-cave, the shriek of the bats piercing your ears as they fly away. You simply stand in awe as you experience a fantasy that vividly resembles a reality. You can visit places that people create using images from the real world without taking a plane. You can stand on top of a mountain and walk to the edge, and when you peer down you might feel afraid to fall, but the reality is that you have never even left the comfort of your own home!


The Power of Entertainment

There are many other interesting types of entertainment that offer unique places to explore and experiences to participate in. We indulge in entertainment in search of new ways to enhance our daily lives and transport ourselves to another world by experiencing something out of the ordinary.  Regardless of whether we are moved to laughter, tears, or pure amazement, entertainment gives us the release we need from the mundane.  Whether we choose to visit the theater, attend a concert, see a movie, or explore VR, we hope to have a powerful or moving experience that will leave a lasting impression…until the next time!


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