A Virtual Reality Wedding Video

A Virtual Reality Wedding Video

Weddings are commonly regarded as one of the most important days of your life, a day to be remembered forever. As a wedding is already an expensive affair, every cost adds up, forcing you to consider what is truly necessary to fit within your budget. One cost that should never be foregone is the price of a videographer. As one of the most pivotal days of your life, you always want to cherish and remember your wedding day, making a videographer one of the most important aspects to consider during the planning process. Here are some reasons why a wedding video is an absolute must have:

Reliving your special day

At the end of a perfect wedding day, couples and guests often look at each other, surprised by how quickly the lovely day has passed, left only with the memory of each magical moment. Months of preparation and planning go into the one day that often flashes by so quickly it is too easy for the exact memories to be slowly forgotten. Wedding photos are the obvious remedy, but they only provide a snapshot of each specific moment. A video, on the other hand, has the capacity to capture your perfect day just how you want to remember it, allowing you to relive your special day over and over. While a photo may be able to jog a certain memory, a video allows you to replay the perfect moment exactly as it happened. You can hear the vows as though you are a guest at your own wedding, or treasure the emotional toasts from your loved ones as if you were hearing them all over again. Though it may be one of the most amazing days of your life, it is also fleeting, so you don’t want to miss the opportunity to time travel back to the special day again and again.

Getting a chance to see moments you may have missed

While your wedding is no doubt one of the happiest days of your life, it is also understandably one of the busiest, making it easy to lose sight of the amazing details. With a videographer, not only are you able to experience the magic of your wedding with the click of a play button, you are also able to catch moments you might have missed the first time around. Still photos may provide insight into a single moment in time, but videos capture both movement and sound. Rather than a picture, a wedding video will allow you to see your significant other gasp as you walk down the aisle, a proud father crying at the beautiful sight of his daughter floating down the aisle, or a mother’s laughter as she recalls a hilarious moment between the new couple. A video can capture the first kiss of the lovestruck newlyweds, the two of them shoving cake in each other’s smiling faces, the first dance between father and daughter, even a grandmother’s silly dance moves. As artistic as photos can be, they cannot provide the motion or sound that makes a wedding video a must-have.

Connect with future generations

Of course your wedding is hugely significant to you, but it can also really mean something to your family down the road as they revisit past memories of their loved ones. Rather than solely being remembered as a relative with an old photo, a video will allow you to come to life for them, especially to those distant relatives who may not have ever gotten to know you. Passing down the keepsake of a wedding video enables you to share your love story with future generations. This way, you preserve your irreplaceable memories for years to come and can share the magic of your wedding with your children and grandchildren who were not able to partake directly in the event. They will eternally appreciate the chance to look back in time and see where their family began.

Share the day

Weddings are not only special to those directly affected, but are a popular source of entertainment to all. Weddings have a way of opening our hearts and brightening our spirits, restoring our hope and faith in love. For example, people love to have a close up view of every inch of the gown’s details as if they were sitting right there with her. Say Yes to the Dress is a popular television show that focuses on what many brides dream about since the day of their engagement: the wedding dress. Waiting to see what dress the bride will choose is full of anticipation and excitement, as this dress will be a centerpiece of the wedding, preserved forever in pictures and videos. Additionally, wedding videos gather millions of views on youtube. Watching a wedding is like being a guest at an event you weren’t invited to; getting to see who was there, what they wore, what type of venue they chose, and what details they added to make the wedding uniquely theirs. Videos provide a sense of the atmosphere of the special day, while removing the less exciting details of the day, making them all the more exciting and perfect than they might have been in person.

That is what Virtual Reality 360 can bring to you. With VR 360, you can explore the magnificent wedding venue without missing a single detail, or be right up there with the couple as they profess their love for one another, hearing the unique words they have written for each other, and the emotion as they look into each other’s eyes ready to make a commitment to each other for the rest of their lives. You can follow the newlywed couple into an elegant dinner, imagine the aroma of the wedding feast as you walk past fine china and gleaming silverware. You pass beautiful flowers arranged in a centerpiece on the table surrounded by candles that lend an air of ambience to the room. Guests in flowing gowns and handsome suits get ready to hit the dance floor. Videographers capture all the best moments of the wedding, allowing not just the couple themselves but also anyone else to to see all the highlights from the magical day.

Clearly, these videos are so much more than just a snapshot of a memory. Wedding videos is the ability to time travel, reliving one of the best days of your lives whenever you want. Memories tend to fade as people grow older, but having those memories close at hand complete with full motion, sound and voices makes it feel just like they were yesterday. This helps create not only precious memories for you and your spouse, but also family history for future generations. So if you are wavering on which way to go on whether or not to get a wedding video for your big day, VR 360 would be happy to help.

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